Ain't that the way of a pilgrim; he's always movin' on.”

— Kelly Joe Phelps

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Be Grateful Because... 

...we never know when the lights will go out. 

Howdy, music people. I had a bit of a health scare recently and it made me take a step back and inventory my life. I've been working on being in the present moment, not letting the past nor future worry me. When things like my episode happen, past, present, and future all seem to meld into one. It's like the end of a movie reel: flap, flap, flap, flap, flap.... 

I will take away from this time the good things I have in my life. I AM a good person, I DO care about people, and I AM working on my higher self. I have some great relationships in my life and it's been much easier to let go of the negative ones. Appreciating my surroundings, my music-makin' stuff, and the health that I DO have. 

Thanks for keeping up with me, folks. And thank you for the emails that y'all have sent; they mean much. I will keep up this blog if it kills me, so check back soon for my latest. I'm working with a great songwriter, Sonny Blaise (, and am very excited about where his music is going. 

Until next time, Peace! 

Update for Ol' Jer.... 

Howdy, music people. It's been a minute since my last post, so apologies for that. Much to update y'all on, so here goes:

I've relocated the studio (and myself) to the Burlington, Vermont area. It is beautiful here and the music community is thriving. It was a tough decision to leave Western Mass, but I felt the Universe was opening a door for me to walk through. 

I played my first gig with Justin Panigutti on Saturday. He and his Van Morrison tribute band, Into the Mystic, headlined the Oxbow Music Festival. I was a special guest artist and ripped it up with the boys on the VM classic "I Been Workin'." The crowd was very gracious and seemed to like my slide playing. More dates are being booked now, so check my SHOWS page for updates. 

Wish me luck, folks. Change can be a challenge, but it's how we learn and grow, correct? Peace to all of you and thanks for checking things out with the Ol' Jer. 

Pickin' and a Grinnin' 

Howdy, y'all. I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. I am out of my funk and letting the sunshine hit my face. 

I had my first rehearsal with AJ Jansen yesterday and it was sensational. AJ has some serious talent and even running through a few songs with just an acoustic guitar proved to be wonderful. Keep an eye out here an her website for future dates coming soon. 

My dear friend Justin Panigutti is heading out for a tour with his Van Morrison tribute show. I caught a show in Eastern Mass last week and was impressed all over again with Justin's talent. This guy should be on stages all over the world. Check him out when you get a chance; you won't be disappointed. 

There is still much Summer left, music people, so get out and hear a band. Buy a CD. Put a five in the tip jar. Have dinner at the venue. Enjoy....

See you soon. 


The Blues Like a Shadow... 

...they follow me all day long. 

Good Tuesday, music people. I hope you're doing wonderfully on this summer day. I'm feeling the blues a bit. Life is a series of ebbs and flows, isn't it? The balance: good with the bad. Light with the dark. Happy with the sad. It's what fuels a bluesman's music. I'll write a few words down, play a couple of riffs... All will be better. 

Send some sunny vibes my way, please. I'll do the same for y'all. 


New Project 

Happy Saturday, music people. It's sunny here in Western Mass; I hope it is where ever you are. 

I'm happy to announce a new music project for me that I'm very excited about. I'm working with a super-talented country artist, AJ Jansen. AJ is from the CT area but has extensive Nashville experience and is very familiar with high-level music industry. AJ is an iHeart Radio award winner and when you get to hear her sing you'll know why. 

I'm working on material for AJ's project and will keep you updated with the progress. Check my SHOWS page for performance dates with AJ. This will prove to be a wonderful music collaboration. 

Talk soon, people. Peace. 


Getting Acclimated 

Howdy, music peeps. I'm dusting off this blog now that a few of you have emailed to ask what the heck I'm up to (and thank you for that; someone still cares!). It's been a busy month getting out and meeting many of my new Western Massachusetts music friends. There's so much talent here. I'm honored to be a part of this music community. 

I've been doing some open mics in the area to get some chops sharpened and meet more people. So many folks, both musicians and listeners, have been very kind to me. As an artist, it's nice to have someone appreciate my work. Passing the Delta Blues I love so much on to new listeners makes me happy....

Check my SHOWS page for upcoming dates and come say hello. I hope to have your foot a tappin'! 

Until next time, peace! 

Latest News

Hey, everybody. Good to be back online. My hiatus was much needed and effective. I'm ready to get focused on making music again, so stay tuned for new recordings coming soon. Thank you for those of you who reached out while I was on break; that meant a lot to know some of you were still thinking of me. 

Support your local musicians and go see a show. Buy a CD. Put a few bucks in the hat. 

Thank you. 

Latest Track

In the studio with new songs coming soon!


Booking shows now, so check here often and come say hello.