Ain't that the way of a pilgrim; he's always movin' on.”

— Kelly Joe Phelps

Latest News

Limited Edition EP is Available 

If you’re a fan of Mississippi Delta Blues like I am, you’ll dig my new EP Hard Times. I pay tribute to three of the original blues masters: Son House, Skip James, and Robert Johnson. My version of Skip James’ Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues turned out wonderfully and I think Skip would be proud of it. 

I have a few limited-edition CDs available from the initial run. Click here to get your copy. Help support independent blues music. Enjoy some traditional pickin’. Buy a copy for your friends and loved ones. 

And as always, thank you for visiting my site and peace!


My Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues Arrangment 

Howdy, music folks. Thanks for all the kind words regarding my new EP Hard Times. Many of you have asked where I learned my arrangement of the Skip James song Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues. That is my arrangement and it developed over a few years of playing. A fellow picker, Wes Weems, and I were attending Tennessee State University and would often pick between classes. The SJ song was one of our favorites and it was played often. Like a good stew, a little bit of this and a little bit of that was added until viola! 

I’m proud of the arrangement and hope Skip would be as well. Take a listen for yourself and let me know what you think. Buy a CD and support independent blues music. And as always, thanks so much for stopping by. 


Great Show and CDs Are Here 

Good Sunday, lovers of the blues! Gorgeous day here in Music City. I hope the sun is shining where you are as well. 

I had a fun time playing at Twin Kegs in Nashville last night. The club has that roadhouse feel, the sound was on, and the food was excellent. I’ll definitely play there again. 

The new EP Hard Times arrived yesterday. They look and sound great. Thanks to Disc Makers for getting this finished out shipped on time. Get a copy here and enjoy my version of 4 Delta Blues classics. 

See you next time, people. 


CDs On The Way 

Howdy, my music people. I hope y’all had a delta bluesy kinda day. I sure as hell did! Big rain here in the South. 

The good news is I received notice that the Hard Times CDs have shipped. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, November 8th. I will have a link set up to purchase when they arrive, and thanks to those of you who have asked about pre ordering. I was hesitant to pre order since this is my first go with this manufacturer. So far, so good...

I’m very proud of this EP and hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I so love that Mississippi Delta sound. It is my life blood. 

Thanks again for all of your support, my friends and fans. Get a copy and help keep me going. Y’all know the life of a bluesman is a tough and lonely one.



Hey, my music friends across the globe. I hope y’all are doing well. Hello to my new friends in Germany and thank you for the kinds words. I DO hope to get over there and play asap!

So some big changes. Again. I feel like a true gypsy sometimes, but this music biz has no mercy. I have decided to set up shop in Nashville, TN once again. I came to visit a couple of old music friends and was blown away by how much growth has happened even in the last year. So I’ve decided to stay. I’m excited to see how things will grow being back in my second home. I’ve had a heart for Nashvegas and it feels good to be back. 

I will be booking shows as soon as possible, so please continue to check here for updates. a big THANK YOU to my friends who have been so encouraging this last year. Your support and patience with my journey will not be forgotten. 

To my friends in Nashville whom I’ve been visiting the last few days, it’s been so nice to see y’all. There are some I wish were still here, but this business brings folks in and out of my life regularly. It will be exciting to continue running in to old music friends. 

See you soon, my friends, and check here for updates and shows. The CD should be shipping this week, so thanks to those of you who’ve asked about it. 

Until next time, PEACE!

New Shows 

Hello, my music friends! Thanks again for stopping by. I hope this finds you doing well 

I am working on my show schedule for 2020, so check here often for new dates. I will be playing across the U.S. and I look forward to meeting many of you face to face. This Mississippi Delta Blues we love so much needs to march on, so thanks for helping me do my part. 

Go see a show, people, and help keep independent music alive. Buy a CD, pay a cover, put some scratch in the tip jar.... Without you, music people, the show wouldn’t go on. 

Until next time,



New EP Almost Ready 

Hey, all. I hope this finds you doing fabulously! I am doing well, walking this road one day at a time. 

I am completing the final pieces for my new EP, Hard Times. It should be pressed by month's end and for sale right here. I'm super excited to have this finished and out for fans of the blues world wide. The ol' National never sounded so good! 

Thanks to all of you who have been asking about my new music. It's been a minute, but I hope it was worth the wait. I just hope Son, Skip, and Robert would be proud of my versions. 

Until next time, music peeps, 


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