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Spring is finally here in ol' Franklin, TN. Trees are blooming, grass is getting green, and birds are looking for love. I dig Spring, as it signifies a “new beginning.” Keeping with that, I have a new beginning as well. Read on, blues fans…

I partnered with Nashville singer/songwriter Michael Whitesides. We have a new band called Delta Rousers. I'm playing a ton of slide and Michael sings like a demon! Check out some of the music we've posted and leave a comment. We are completing full-production demos as we look for an amazing rhythm section. If you know a killer drummer and/or bassist (who are pros), please send 'em our way. Heavy blues is the vibe. 

I'll keep updates here and on the DR website as I can. I'm still doing singer/songwriter production, so if you need a great-sounding demo, give me a shout. 

Peace, love, and WARMER WEATHER! 


Hola, mi amigos! I hope this finds everyone doing well and living their best lives. 

It's been so chilly here in Nashvegas the last couple of days. Chilly for TN, anyhow. Low 30's in October... Yikes! Time to break out the puffy vest and hoodies. I love these Fall colors, however. The reds are my favorite. 

Began a new project last week. Talented Nashville guy, Hideous Jensen. He's a fellow rocker, so working on the first single has been much fun. The Les Paul is puttin' down some mojo! I'll post a preview as we finish this first tune. It promises to rock and I mean Old School rock! Super pumped. 

Thanks to all of you who've sent emails checking on me. Life is good. Had a bit of flu last week, but grateful for the health I do have. I'm working on some new slide stuff and will post something asap. I appreciate all of you who've asked about new music from me. Heard. 

Until next time, people. Be good to one another and tip a little extra this Holiday season. Peace. 


Hello, music people. I hope this post finds y'all doing great. I've been in a quiet place for a few weeks, just focusing on some life changes. I'm back on the musical horse and am getting some long-overdue projects finished. 

I've been doing Keto and Intermittent Fasting for a year now, and it's been a game changer. I never thought I'd wear 36" skinny jeans. Ha! I have a bit more to go, but I'm feeling great and getting healthier. Blood pressure is the best it's ever been. Grateful. I'm in the best shape of my life at 55. Never too late...

I am having a Bloodvine tune remastered by Sage Audio here in Nashville. When it's ready, I'll share it here and on the social. That was a killer project. Felt good rippin' some geetar solos again. 

Take care, everybody. Stay positive. Be nice. Say please and thank you. Tip a musician. 


My First Podcast Commission 

Howdy, music peeps. Thanks for stopping by and apologies for the big gap between blog posts. I hope everyone is doing well amidst the recession we are heading into. 

I am pleased to announce that Jerry Craft Productions is heading in a new direction: Podcasts! I was asked by a podcaster to create theme music for her podcast and YouTube channel. She is an ex-Muslim and has some amazing stories about the abuse she experienced and the challenges of leaving the religion with her children. I had NO idea about the brutality women in the Islamic religion experience.

She wanted a rockin' sound with "jihad guitar" (as she put it). I brushed up on my Phrygian mode and went to town. It turned out great! The client is super happy and already referring me to other content creators she knows. Thanks, DF!

I'll be doing many more of these, so stay tuned and check out my Content Creators page to take a listen. Talk with y'all soon and as always, PEACE!

Nashville Update 

Hey, all. I hope this finds you doing well and healthy! The covid has been getting traction here in Nashvegas, so I hope y'all have avoided it like the plague. Haha! 

Been a minute, so apologies. Sean, my writing partner, and I have been pumping out rockers like no one's business. Some great ideas have been born. We officially named our production company: Sonic Sanctuary. I'll have a link to the new website soon. But some hard rockin' music is on the rise. 

Sean and I are on the hunt for a new female singer/songwriter. We're digging the girl rock that is coming out right now and hear our music being a part of that movement. We'll find the right fit and get these tunes finished and published. 

Taking a little break from my slide playing to focus on Sonic Sanctuary. I'll post some music here asap. But thank you to those of you who reached out and asked for more blues music. It'll happen. 

Take care, all, and I hope this year is spectacular for you! I appreciate y'all checking in. 

Peace and love!


"Hold on a minute!" Says The Universe... 

Howdy, y'all. I hope this finds my fellow lovers of the blues doing well. This has been quite a year so far. Ha! 

So I made an unofficial departure from the Music Biz this year. Rode my bicycle from Nashville to Tucson. Amazing journey. I had sincerely come to terms with leaving this "New Music Biz" behind. And for good. Figured if all else failed, I'd find a nice cave somewhere in Moab and just chill. Ha! 

BUT NO! says the Universe. Don't be a quitter! Well, alrighty then... 

The music is what I have and always will love. The biz has simply been a means to pay rent while getting to play. I've been in the biz for 36 years. I've seen SO many changes over that time. The fact I can make fully-produced records on my MacBook is just one example of how the music biz has changed. But it's still about the music for me. The camaraderie of working with other musicians to create something brilliant. I'll never get tired of that. So...

Back into the game I go. Arizona has been wonderful and I've met some amazing people here. But the Universe has a couple of doors open for me that I'd be foolish not to explore. Leavin' on a jet plane...

I'll post some updates as they happen. Check back and thanks, as usual, to all of you who send messages asking how I'm doing. More music coming soon. That is for sure. 

Peace and love, my people. Be good to each other. 

The Universe Still Blows My Mind! 

Hola, mi blues amigos! Yes, I'm still alive and have not vanished completely off the face of the globe. Yet. Haha! I'm enjoying my new American Southwest digs. Super hot but so nice. 

So most of you know I had every intention of taking a break from all things music biz. But The Universe had other plans... I never thought I'd find a couple of musicians in my new area who are lovers of the blues. And not just blues, but the Delta/Hill Country blues I love so much. It's rather humbling, to be honest. 

Flip and Dave, upright and harp, respectively. Both good dudes and great players. We've had a few rehearsals already and things are sounding amazing. RJ, Son, Muddy, RL... I think we'll do them proud. I'm grateful to have not fully escaped. This will prove to be wonderful for my soul. 

Gigs and recordings to come, peeps. Stay tuned and thank you so much for checking in. As usual, thank you to those who reached out with your words of kindness and encouragement. I hope to see many of you soon!

Peace and love...

...and The Ride Continues 

Hola, mi amigos! I hope this finds my fellow lovers of the blues doing well. I wanted to give an update to my travels and thank you to those who've sent messages asking how I am. I'm doing great and enjoying my time away from the music biz.

I'm in the Southwest area of America and holy shit, is it HAWT! Some of my travel days on the bike were brutal. I'm grateful for minimal mechanical issues and plenty of water along the route. I had a couple of helping hands along the way (Shout out to my new friends Neil and Fernando who offered rides to help me with repairs). 

I've teamed up with a great harp player, Dave Carlson and an amazing upright bassist, Flip Toltecatl. We are putting together a set list of blues faves and will be playing small to medium gigs in our area. Check my gigs page for updates (and clues as to where the hell I am...). 

Check back soon, people, and thanks again for all the encouraging words. The music biz will settle down at some point. Kudos to my music friends and peers who continue trying to make it all work. Mucho success!

Peace and love, everyone. 


Been On a Lil' Journey... 

Howdy, my music friends worldwide. I've been laying low for a bit and wanted to update many of you who have sent emails asking how I am. And thank you to those of you who did.  

I've uprooted myself and have landed on the Gulf of Texas. I left Nashville in late April on my bicycle and hit the Natchez Trace. I took some camping gear and my National guitar. What a wild 4 weeks! Scary at times, but liberating most of the time. Good to do some soul searching and reflecting on things; much needed.  

I met some amazing people on this trip and saw some wonderful places. When I hit the Mississippi State line, I could feel the blues calling to me. So much pain and history in the wind. Truly amazing to experience that.  

I'll be settling for a while by the gulf. It's peaceful here (except for the mosquitos!) and a nice change of pace from the music biz hustle. There are some sweet little venues here I will play. I'm looking forward to getting back to smaller audiences.  

I'll keep things updated, promise. Music seems to be opening up across the states, so best wishes to all my music amigos. I hope many of you get back on the road and get playing.  

Here's to ya'll! Peace and love...

Online Lessons are Back! 

Hey all, hard to believe it's Spring this weekend. And music is coming back! Gigs are beginning to happen, so that is killer!

I am offering online slide lessons again this Spring. I can do them either Zoom or Facetime, 45 minutes each. Check my LESSONS page for details and set yours up. I only have a few spots open so if you've been thinking about learning some slide, now's the time. I LOVE to teach and my technique is effective. You'll be playing licks after the first lesson. 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I hope to see many of you this concert season. Cheers!


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