Pickin' and a Grinnin'

Howdy, y'all. I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. I am out of my funk and letting the sunshine hit my face. 

I had my first rehearsal with AJ Jansen yesterday and it was sensational. AJ has some serious talent and even running through a few songs with just an acoustic guitar proved to be wonderful. Keep an eye out here an her website for future dates coming soon. 

My dear friend Justin Panigutti is heading out for a tour with his Van Morrison tribute show. I caught a show in Eastern Mass last week and was impressed all over again with Justin's talent. This guy should be on stages all over the world. Check him out when you get a chance; you won't be disappointed. 

There is still much Summer left, music people, so get out and hear a band. Buy a CD. Put a five in the tip jar. Have dinner at the venue. Enjoy....

See you soon. 


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