Getting Acclimated

Howdy, music peeps. I'm dusting off this blog now that a few of you have emailed to ask what the heck I'm up to (and thank you for that; someone still cares!). It's been a busy month getting out and meeting many of my new Western Massachusetts music friends. There's so much talent here. I'm honored to be a part of this music community. 

I've been doing some open mics in the area to get some chops sharpened and meet more people. So many folks, both musicians and listeners, have been very kind to me. As an artist, it's nice to have someone appreciate my work. Passing the Delta Blues I love so much on to new listeners makes me happy....

Check my SHOWS page for upcoming dates and come say hello. I hope to have your foot a tappin'! 

Until next time, peace! 

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