My First Podcast Commission

Howdy, music peeps. Thanks for stopping by and apologies for the big gap between blog posts. I hope everyone is doing well amidst the recession we are heading into. 

I am pleased to announce that Jerry Craft Productions is heading in a new direction: Podcasts! I was asked by a podcaster to create theme music for her podcast and YouTube channel. She is an ex-Muslim and has some amazing stories about the abuse she experienced and the challenges of leaving the religion with her children. I had NO idea about the brutality women in the Islamic religion experience.

She wanted a rockin' sound with "jihad guitar" (as she put it). I brushed up on my Phrygian mode and went to town. It turned out great! The client is super happy and already referring me to other content creators she knows. Thanks, DF!

I'll be doing many more of these, so stay tuned and check out my Content Creators page to take a listen. Talk with y'all soon and as always, PEACE!