Nashville Update

Hey, all. I hope this finds you doing well and healthy! The covid has been getting traction here in Nashvegas, so I hope y'all have avoided it like the plague. Haha! 

Been a minute, so apologies. Sean, my writing partner, and I have been pumping out rockers like no one's business. Some great ideas have been born. We officially named our production company: Sonic Sanctuary. I'll have a link to the new website soon. But some hard rockin' music is on the rise. 

Sean and I are on the hunt for a new female singer/songwriter. We're digging the girl rock that is coming out right now and hear our music being a part of that movement. We'll find the right fit and get these tunes finished and published. 

Taking a little break from my slide playing to focus on Sonic Sanctuary. I'll post some music here asap. But thank you to those of you who reached out and asked for more blues music. It'll happen. 

Take care, all, and I hope this year is spectacular for you! I appreciate y'all checking in. 

Peace and love!