...and The Ride Continues

Hola, mi amigos! I hope this finds my fellow lovers of the blues doing well. I wanted to give an update to my travels and thank you to those who've sent messages asking how I am. I'm doing great and enjoying my time away from the music biz.

I'm in the Southwest area of America and holy shit, is it HAWT! Some of my travel days on the bike were brutal. I'm grateful for minimal mechanical issues and plenty of water along the route. I had a couple of helping hands along the way (Shout out to my new friends Neil and Fernando who offered rides to help me with repairs). 

I've teamed up with a great harp player, Dave Carlson and an amazing upright bassist, Flip Toltecatl. We are putting together a set list of blues faves and will be playing small to medium gigs in our area. Check my gigs page for updates (and clues as to where the hell I am...). 

Check back soon, people, and thanks again for all the encouraging words. The music biz will settle down at some point. Kudos to my music friends and peers who continue trying to make it all work. Mucho success!

Peace and love, everyone.