Been On a Lil' Journey...

Howdy, my music friends worldwide. I've been laying low for a bit and wanted to update many of you who have sent emails asking how I am. And thank you to those of you who did.  

I've uprooted myself and have landed on the Gulf of Texas. I left Nashville in late April on my bicycle and hit the Natchez Trace. I took some camping gear and my National guitar. What a wild 4 weeks! Scary at times, but liberating most of the time. Good to do some soul searching and reflecting on things; much needed.  

I met some amazing people on this trip and saw some wonderful places. When I hit the Mississippi State line, I could feel the blues calling to me. So much pain and history in the wind. Truly amazing to experience that.  

I'll be settling for a while by the gulf. It's peaceful here (except for the mosquitos!) and a nice change of pace from the music biz hustle. There are some sweet little venues here I will play. I'm looking forward to getting back to smaller audiences.  

I'll keep things updated, promise. Music seems to be opening up across the states, so best wishes to all my music amigos. I hope many of you get back on the road and get playing.  

Here's to ya'll! Peace and love...