Music, Music, I Hear Music....

Howdy, music-lovin’ people. I hope this post finds you healthy. This past month has been unreal for all of us, I’m sure, and learning to adapt has been priority number one. Like many of my music peers, the cancelation of performances has been a blow to the spirit and the soul. As a musician, performing for people is a cornerstone of what I do. Not having an opportunity to do that for a while is tough. BUT... Every thorn has its rose. Ha ha! (Take THAT, Mr. Michaels!) 

I have been writing and recording new music like crazy. The forced time off has been somewhat of a blessing in that regard, as my focus has shifted to present activity instead of worrying about the future. It’s not the most natural thing for me to do, but I’m learning. 

I want to encourage all music people, whatever side of the stage you find yourself on. We WILL get back to rockin’ very soon. I truly believe that with this hiatus will come a renewed appreciation for Arts and Entertainment. I think we will experience a gratitude for our music like we haven’t had in a while. So get that song finished, mix that track, add that extra guitar part, and drop that last ten pounds. Be ready. In the wake of this pandemic is something wonderful for our music community.