Tornadoes and Typhoid

Howdy, my music friends all over the world. It’s been a minute for me here, so apologies. We are in some crazy times right now, aren’t we? 

Most of you know that Nashville was hit with an F3 tornado this month. My place was spared (thank GOODNESS!) but many friends suffered damage to their homes and businesses. There were several benefit concerts scheduled to help with relief efforts, but then....

Pandemic. That word still seems unreal to me, but reading it fosters its reality. I believe we will get through this crazy time but WHEN is just up in the air. My thoughts and prayers go out to any of you who have contracted the virus. PLEASE take care of yourselves, people. 

Like most of my peers in the music biz, my shows for the Spring have been cancelled or rescheduled. Again, the WHEN is still in question. I will be working a day gig to keep income so that will be interesting. But I’m grateful to have an earning opportunity. Many of my friends are not sure what to do. Count our blessings, people. 

I will keep you updated as to my shows being rescheduled. THANK YOU so much for checking in on me. Your emails and YouTube comments are such wonderful things for me. 

Stay safe, people, and take the precautions. Keep a positive spirit and go update your music collection. Check out some online concerts. Do what you can to support independent artists. Buy a copy of my CD. It will be shipped Coronavirus free. Thanks, people, and PEACE!