Ain't that the way of a pilgrim; he's always movin' on.”

— Kelly Joe Phelps

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Been On a Lil' Journey... 

Howdy, my music friends worldwide. I've been laying low for a bit and wanted to update many of you who have sent emails asking how I am. And thank you to those of you who did.  

I've uprooted myself and have landed on the Gulf of Texas. I left Nashville in late April on my bicycle and hit the Natchez Trace. I took some camping gear and my National guitar. What a wild 4 weeks! Scary at times, but liberating most of the time. Good to do some soul searching and reflecting on things; much needed.  

I met some amazing people on this trip and saw some wonderful places. When I hit the Mississippi State line, I could feel the blues calling to me. So much pain and history in the wind. Truly amazing to experience that.  

I'll be settling for a while by the gulf. It's peaceful here (except for the mosquitos!) and a nice change of pace from the music biz hustle. There are some sweet little venues here I will play. I'm looking forward to getting back to smaller audiences.  

I'll keep things updated, promise. Music seems to be opening up across the states, so best wishes to all my music amigos. I hope many of you get back on the road and get playing.  

Here's to ya'll! Peace and love...

Online Lessons are Back! 

Hey all, hard to believe it's Spring this weekend. And music is coming back! Gigs are beginning to happen, so that is killer!

I am offering online slide lessons again this Spring. I can do them either Zoom or Facetime, 45 minutes each. Check my LESSONS page for details and set yours up. I only have a few spots open so if you've been thinking about learning some slide, now's the time. I LOVE to teach and my technique is effective. You'll be playing licks after the first lesson. 

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I hope to see many of you this concert season. Cheers!


Music, Music, I (wanna) Hear Music.... 

Sorry I've been away for a bit. The band (Bloodvine) is putting the finishing touches on our EP. Michael Lattanzi of Lattitude Studio South has been working his ass off to make this a stellar project. I will post some music from the EP as soon as it's ready. 

What a year it's been! I can't remember EVER not performing for this much time. F'ing crazy. And now the word is this touring season is at a standstill as well. I'm grateful to have the means to get by, unlike many of my peers who have left the biz. I do, however, TOTALLY miss playing live. Downtown Nash has so many restrictions on performers now, even busking is out of the question. It's just a sad time for us music folk. But....

The wheels of change are still in motion. I do believe that as the bullshit from Washington and the money that controls it becomes more exposed to the regular folks, the cry for reform will ring out. Damn, we can only hope so at least, correct? Tired of the class struggle in this country. Tired of being controlled. Tired of being told what to think. Tired of being cancelled. Gotta stay focused and positive. So that's just what I'll do. 

Bless all of you and to my peers still struggling, hang in there! Keep creating. Get ready. I can't wait to see many of you on the road soon. 

Stay safe, ya'll. 

Winds of Change are a Blowin'.... 

Howdy, peeps. I hope everyone is adjusting to the earlier darkness these days. So wild to be turning on lamps at 4:30 PM. But Fall is my fave season, with hoodies and holidays happening. All about the give and take....

The band, Bloodvine, has finished preproduction on our first EP. We will be in the studio early January to record four songs. If things open back up as the rumors suggest, BV will be on the road in a town near you this festival season. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned for samples of the session. This is shaping up to be a killer Hard Rock band. 

With the shutdown, I have been doing much contract mixing and mastering. I enjoy it very much and seem to have a good feel for it. I'm told my mixes are loud but dynamic and my guitar tones are said to be killer. That makes me smile. I'm offering mixing and mastering for $100 a song with revisions, so if you want me to mix a sample of your tune for free, get in touch: 

Change is upon us, people, so let's embrace it and get back to being kind to one another. C'mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and try to love one another right now....



Masks, Meditations, and Music 

Hello, beautiful people! I hope this blog finds you happy and healthy. I've been scurrying about finding a current path for my music, so apologies for delayed posting. 

It's been interesting that my mask has joined the pile on my dresser of "must put in my pockets to go out" stuff. I think my wallet is jealous. My county let its mask mandate expire last weekend but most businesses are stilling requiring masks to enter. I just laugh at the rebels who refuse to wear a mask. Such a silly thing to "make your stand" with. It's about making the society you are a part of feel some security, regardless of personal paradigms. I slap mine on, do my thing, and stuff it back in my pocket. No f'ing big deal.... 

My evening meditations have been wonderful through this crazy time. Steering my subconscious to be grateful for what I have. The Universe truly has my back and it reminds me daily of that. Even in the simple daily activities I am awakened to where I've been and where I've come. Jerry 2.0 is my best version yet. If you've been considering meditation, do a simple YouTube search and try a free session. Our minds are our greatest gifts. Feed them well and you will see amazing results. I promise.

Music is continuing to make a reappearance. The country genre are doing shows that follow social-distancing guidelines. But rock is gonna take a while to figure out. Can you imagine being at a rock show and jumping around all by yourself with other jumpers spaced apart? Seems weird to me. 2022 is the latest I've heard for serious rock shows. We'll see. I'm working on some shows for my solo blues so wish me luck! I've been busking just to feed the need so thank you to those who have put a penny in my bucket, bought a CD, and talked a bit. That feeds my soul, peeps. 

Keep your spirits up, my friends. Stay positive as we enter the coming election time. The ridiculous negativity will be worse than ever, so turn off your devices and go see some nature. Meet a friend for coffee. Take a long walk in the rain. Say "Thank you" to your grocery bagger. We're making it, folks. We will be good. 


We'll Get Through This.... 

Howdy, peeps. Just a check in to say hi and that I hope all of you are healthy and doing well. I'm keeping busy writing new music and bikepacking around TN. I've met some wonderful people on my little journeys. Humans are good. Mostly. 🤘🏾

Having coffee this morning and someone special from my past appeared. This person still has a warm and genuine spirit. Just a lovely person. Glad we stopped to say hi and catch up.

Hang in there, my friends. Great music will be back soon. The Bloodvine boys and I are working hard on our debut EP. deets coming soon! 


Sunshine, Sweet Sunshine 

Hello, music people. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. What a crazy Spring this has been, ya? It’s interesting to see so many fave dining and music spots closed. Downtown ‘Ville is like a ghost town. Eerie.... I did see some activity this past weekend, however, as businesses begin opening again for patrons. I look forward to hearing the sweet sounds of music in the air again. Won’t be long. 

Thanks to so many of you who’ve purchased my music during the shut down. Every dollar helps keep me going. My shows have all been cancelled until next Fall, so the CD purchases and downloads are a blessing. 

It’s been interesting observing the status quo during this time. The behaviors of people have been amusing. And watching the State’s handling of all things Covid adds to the folly. I caught myself watching a few “bug out” videos lately, thinking about an escape plan. Ha! I shake my head when I think about what’s ahead for us as a society. I’m staying positive but aware. I hope you are too. 

In spite of my aluminum-foil-hat status, I had a wonderful exchange last week. I was busking downtown (as you know I love to do) and packing up to head home. A gentleman approached me and asked if I could help him move a mirror at a beauty salon across the street. I happily obliged and walked over. Well, “a mirror” turned out to be four massive, wood-framed mirrors, each weighing about 200 pounds. I don’t think the gentleman realized how large the mirrors were when he came to fetch them. 

We muscled the giants in to his van and the lady who was with him said thank you about fifty times. I went to grab my guitar and leave when the gentleman told me to wait a moment, his partner wanted to give me something for my help. I said I was fine, just glad I could help. Two seconds later, I had this humble lady handing me $100 and made me take it. I sincerely tried to give it back, but no go. I gave her a hug (sorry, social-distancing patrol) and thanked them both. I left for home having some restored faith in mankind. What a blessing. I hope the universe blesses them both with whatever venture the mirrors were purchased for. Glad my tired ol’ body could still do the work. Ha!

Stay strong people, we WILL get through this craziness. To my fellow musicians, keep the faith. Your art will help get the world back on track and even better. 

Until next time, my friends, peace! 



Music, Music, I Hear Music.... 

Howdy, music-lovin’ people. I hope this post finds you healthy. This past month has been unreal for all of us, I’m sure, and learning to adapt has been priority number one. Like many of my music peers, the cancelation of performances has been a blow to the spirit and the soul. As a musician, performing for people is a cornerstone of what I do. Not having an opportunity to do that for a while is tough. BUT... Every thorn has its rose. Ha ha! (Take THAT, Mr. Michaels!) 

I have been writing and recording new music like crazy. The forced time off has been somewhat of a blessing in that regard, as my focus has shifted to present activity instead of worrying about the future. It’s not the most natural thing for me to do, but I’m learning. 

I want to encourage all music people, whatever side of the stage you find yourself on. We WILL get back to rockin’ very soon. I truly believe that with this hiatus will come a renewed appreciation for Arts and Entertainment. I think we will experience a gratitude for our music like we haven’t had in a while. So get that song finished, mix that track, add that extra guitar part, and drop that last ten pounds. Be ready. In the wake of this pandemic is something wonderful for our music community.


Tornadoes and Typhoid 

Howdy, my music friends all over the world. It’s been a minute for me here, so apologies. We are in some crazy times right now, aren’t we? 

Most of you know that Nashville was hit with an F3 tornado this month. My place was spared (thank GOODNESS!) but many friends suffered damage to their homes and businesses. There were several benefit concerts scheduled to help with relief efforts, but then....

Pandemic. That word still seems unreal to me, but reading it fosters its reality. I believe we will get through this crazy time but WHEN is just up in the air. My thoughts and prayers go out to any of you who have contracted the virus. PLEASE take care of yourselves, people. 

Like most of my peers in the music biz, my shows for the Spring have been cancelled or rescheduled. Again, the WHEN is still in question. I will be working a day gig to keep income so that will be interesting. But I’m grateful to have an earning opportunity. Many of my friends are not sure what to do. Count our blessings, people. 

I will keep you updated as to my shows being rescheduled. THANK YOU so much for checking in on me. Your emails and YouTube comments are such wonderful things for me. 

Stay safe, people, and take the precautions. Keep a positive spirit and go update your music collection. Check out some online concerts. Do what you can to support independent artists. Buy a copy of my CD. It will be shipped Coronavirus free. Thanks, people, and PEACE!

Whew! That Went By Quickly! 

Hello, blues fans! What a year 2019 has been, huh? It makes my head spin when I realize that this year is about over. Pondering all that’s happened with me seems like a lifetime of events all crammed in to one 12-month period. But I made it! WE made it! And the Blues? Stronger than ever, people. Stronger than ever. 

2020 will prove to be a spectacular year for our beloved blues. Many new recordings are in the works to be released. And the Summer concert season will be amazing! Check out these two ladies who are on the move: They are amazing stewards of the blues and will impress even the most judgmental audience. 

I will have a follow-up recording out this Spring, so stay tuned for that. And thank you to all of you who purchased my EP Hard Times. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, get on it! I have a few left and will gladly send one your way. 

Not to be cliché, but let’s make 2020 an amazing year. Let’s come together, people. We can use our Blues as a cornerstone to build on. Life is good, so share some love and support your local musicians. 



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