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Looking for a Pro Slide Gig 

Hello, lovers of the blues. Just a quick announcement regarding what I'm up to. I am on the hunt for a pro-level touring gig as a slide player. Lola and I need to get out and play some blues for the folks en mass. If you know of a pro group or artist looking for a great slide player and pro musician, send 'em my way! 

I hope y'all are doing well. Stay tuned to see where I'm at. 

Mo' Music in the Werks 

Howdy, lovers of the Blues. I've decided to, along with Delta Rousers, start performing as a solo artist. I and the National Resonator will be traveling around doing shows and keeping the Delta Blues alive. Being a blues man is a lonely road, and as a friend once said, I need to face my demons. Cut some heads. Walk my road.

Check here for new music and show dates. I appreciate all of you who have kept in touch and sent messages asking for another record. It's in the works, people. Original slide guitar comin' your way. 

Don't forget to visit the Delta Rousers page for upcoming shows and music with Michael and me. 

As usual, peace and love. Until next time…

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