Why Choose Me to Produce Your Music?

I've been in Nashville since 1996 producing singer/songwriters. I've been a part of the changing technology and music business since 1985. It blows my mind how things have progressed over the years and how accessible making great recordings is for artists. It saddens me how little money artists make these days. But we all create music because it's what we do. And there's always that chance for something to break...

My approach to song production is all about the story. The lyrics. What's the movie being presented to the listener's ears? How can my productions invite the listener for 3-4 minutes and keep them engaged? It's about creating productions that introduce new elements every few bars to keep the listener's interest. If it needs to be a subtle change, good. If it needs to smack the listener in the face, even better! Every note, every space, every track, every automation, every eq move, and every mix should be about giving the listener a brief escape. To introduce the listener to a musical idea that moves emotions. To set a gold standard for the song.

I pride myself on working with my artists to keep the integrity of their vision for the song. I'm not a producer whose ego takes control of an artist's music. We'll discuss what you hear, the story you want to tell, and I'll create music to support that. I have a high artist satisfaction rate because I care about keeping the artist's vision intact. 

Go to the contact page, get in touch, and let's discuss your project. You'll be glad you did.