Sunshine, Sweet Sunshine

Hello, music people. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. What a crazy Spring this has been, ya? It’s interesting to see so many fave dining and music spots closed. Downtown ‘Ville is like a ghost town. Eerie.... I did see some activity this past weekend, however, as businesses begin opening again for patrons. I look forward to hearing the sweet sounds of music in the air again. Won’t be long. 

Thanks to so many of you who’ve purchased my music during the shut down. Every dollar helps keep me going. My shows have all been cancelled until next Fall, so the CD purchases and downloads are a blessing. 

It’s been interesting observing the status quo during this time. The behaviors of people have been amusing. And watching the State’s handling of all things Covid adds to the folly. I caught myself watching a few “bug out” videos lately, thinking about an escape plan. Ha! I shake my head when I think about what’s ahead for us as a society. I’m staying positive but aware. I hope you are too. 

In spite of my aluminum-foil-hat status, I had a wonderful exchange last week. I was busking downtown (as you know I love to do) and packing up to head home. A gentleman approached me and asked if I could help him move a mirror at a beauty salon across the street. I happily obliged and walked over. Well, “a mirror” turned out to be four massive, wood-framed mirrors, each weighing about 200 pounds. I don’t think the gentleman realized how large the mirrors were when he came to fetch them. 

We muscled the giants in to his van and the lady who was with him said thank you about fifty times. I went to grab my guitar and leave when the gentleman told me to wait a moment, his partner wanted to give me something for my help. I said I was fine, just glad I could help. Two seconds later, I had this humble lady handing me $100 and made me take it. I sincerely tried to give it back, but no go. I gave her a hug (sorry, social-distancing patrol) and thanked them both. I left for home having some restored faith in mankind. What a blessing. I hope the universe blesses them both with whatever venture the mirrors were purchased for. Glad my tired ol’ body could still do the work. Ha!

Stay strong people, we WILL get through this craziness. To my fellow musicians, keep the faith. Your art will help get the world back on track and even better. 

Until next time, my friends, peace!