Hey, my music friends across the globe. I hope y’all are doing well. Hello to my new friends in Germany and thank you for the kinds words. I DO hope to get over there and play asap!

So some big changes. Again. I feel like a true gypsy sometimes, but this music biz has no mercy. I have decided to set up shop in Nashville, TN once again. I came to visit a couple of old music friends and was blown away by how much growth has happened even in the last year. So I’ve decided to stay. I’m excited to see how things will grow being back in my second home. I’ve had a heart for Nashvegas and it feels good to be back. 

I will be booking shows as soon as possible, so please continue to check here for updates. a big THANK YOU to my friends who have been so encouraging this last year. Your support and patience with my journey will not be forgotten. 

To my friends in Nashville whom I’ve been visiting the last few days, it’s been so nice to see y’all. There are some I wish were still here, but this business brings folks in and out of my life regularly. It will be exciting to continue running in to old music friends. 

See you soon, my friends, and check here for updates and shows. The CD should be shipping this week, so thanks to those of you who’ve asked about it. 

Until next time, PEACE!