Music, Music, I (wanna) Hear Music....

Sorry I've been away for a bit. The band (Bloodvine) is putting the finishing touches on our EP. Michael Lattanzi of Lattitude Studio South has been working his ass off to make this a stellar project. I will post some music from the EP as soon as it's ready. 

What a year it's been! I can't remember EVER not performing for this much time. F'ing crazy. And now the word is this touring season is at a standstill as well. I'm grateful to have the means to get by, unlike many of my peers who have left the biz. I do, however, TOTALLY miss playing live. Downtown Nash has so many restrictions on performers now, even busking is out of the question. It's just a sad time for us music folk. But....

The wheels of change are still in motion. I do believe that as the bullshit from Washington and the money that controls it becomes more exposed to the regular folks, the cry for reform will ring out. Damn, we can only hope so at least, correct? Tired of the class struggle in this country. Tired of being controlled. Tired of being told what to think. Tired of being cancelled. Gotta stay focused and positive. So that's just what I'll do. 

Bless all of you and to my peers still struggling, hang in there! Keep creating. Get ready. I can't wait to see many of you on the road soon. 

Stay safe, ya'll. 

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