Masks, Meditations, and Music

Hello, beautiful people! I hope this blog finds you happy and healthy. I've been scurrying about finding a current path for my music, so apologies for delayed posting. 

It's been interesting that my mask has joined the pile on my dresser of "must put in my pockets to go out" stuff. I think my wallet is jealous. My county let its mask mandate expire last weekend but most businesses are stilling requiring masks to enter. I just laugh at the rebels who refuse to wear a mask. Such a silly thing to "make your stand" with. It's about making the society you are a part of feel some security, regardless of personal paradigms. I slap mine on, do my thing, and stuff it back in my pocket. No f'ing big deal.... 

My evening meditations have been wonderful through this crazy time. Steering my subconscious to be grateful for what I have. The Universe truly has my back and it reminds me daily of that. Even in the simple daily activities I am awakened to where I've been and where I've come. Jerry 2.0 is my best version yet. If you've been considering meditation, do a simple YouTube search and try a free session. Our minds are our greatest gifts. Feed them well and you will see amazing results. I promise.

Music is continuing to make a reappearance. The country genre are doing shows that follow social-distancing guidelines. But rock is gonna take a while to figure out. Can you imagine being at a rock show and jumping around all by yourself with other jumpers spaced apart? Seems weird to me. 2022 is the latest I've heard for serious rock shows. We'll see. I'm working on some shows for my solo blues so wish me luck! I've been busking just to feed the need so thank you to those who have put a penny in my bucket, bought a CD, and talked a bit. That feeds my soul, peeps. 

Keep your spirits up, my friends. Stay positive as we enter the coming election time. The ridiculous negativity will be worse than ever, so turn off your devices and go see some nature. Meet a friend for coffee. Take a long walk in the rain. Say "Thank you" to your grocery bagger. We're making it, folks. We will be good.