CDs On The Way

Howdy, my music people. I hope y’all had a delta bluesy kinda day. I sure as hell did! Big rain here in the South. 

The good news is I received notice that the Hard Times CDs have shipped. They are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, November 8th. I will have a link set up to purchase when they arrive, and thanks to those of you who have asked about pre ordering. I was hesitant to pre order since this is my first go with this manufacturer. So far, so good...

I’m very proud of this EP and hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it. I so love that Mississippi Delta sound. It is my life blood. 

Thanks again for all of your support, my friends and fans. Get a copy and help keep me going. Y’all know the life of a bluesman is a tough and lonely one.